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Wednesday, May 20, 2015 

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Excilsior Hose Company Finances Pierce Ladder with 911Leasing.com

Thursday, March 6, 2014  Thank you to the board and members of Excelsior Hose Company in Bellwood, PA for permitting us to once again be of service. We are pleased to provide financing for their purchase of a Pierce 100' Ladder truck. Customer Comment: Mr. Parker, On behalf of the entire active membership of Excelsior Fire Company No. 1 of Bellwood I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you and your associates for all of the time, effort and professional assistance you have provided us during our recent vehicle purchase. While acting on behalf of Excelsior, Brian has kept me very well informed of everything you have done on our behalf. Please accept our expression of appreciation for a job well done! Sincerely, Lisa A. Wolfe President

Excelsior Hose New 105' Ladder

Excelsior Hose New 105' Ladder


Citizens Fire Company of Newport PA

Wednesday, May 15, 2013  Citizens Fire Company of Newport PA, purchases new Sutphen Custom Rescue/Pumper. The members chose to purchase from John Lawver of Lawver Fire Apparatus. This is the departments Second Sutphen. The new engine will be working next to the Departments 70+ Sutphen Tower.

You can contact Mr. Lawver @ (717) 324-1685 or via e-mail lawverj@comcast.net.
911Leasing.com is pleased to provide financing for the New Rescue Pumper, and refinancing on the Sutphen Tower and the building project that the company built in 2002.

Be sure to check back for the delivery pictures when the new Sutphen is delivered.

We are grateful to be of service. Thank you to the board and members of Citizens Fire Company, and a special thank you to Assistant Chief Dick Amsler who was the point man for the entire project.

Another vendor and client of Dick Cray. You can contact Dick Cray via e-mail at RCray@911Leasing.com or via cell at (717) 982-7332 to see how he can help you with your financing.



Progress Purchases New Pierce Pumper

Tuesday, May 14, 2013  Progress Fire Company, from Susquehanna Township PA,  Purchases First Pierce Custom Pumper.  The new Pumper will be on display at the Harrisburg Fire Expo 2013. 

This is the 4th financing project for Progress Fire Company, and the 7th Financing project for Susquehanna Township. 

Thank you to the members and boards of Progress Fire Company, Rescue Fire Company, Edgemont Fire Company and Susquehanna Township EMS for permitting us to be of service for so many years.

Also thank you to Past Chief Dick Cray "Pop Pop" for working so hard all these years with us.  Thank you also to Mr. Gary Myers Township Manager, Susquehanna Township Board of Fire Commissioners, and Fire Marshall George Drees.  Without all the hard work and dedication none of this would have been possible.

You may reach Dick Cray RCray@911Leasing.com or contact him via cell 717-982-7332.



Jefferson Fire Company Puchases New Rosenbauer Ladder

Tuesday, April 2, 2013  Jefferson Fire Company, Montgomery County, PA has just purchased a new Rosenbauer 78' Smart Aerial.  This unit was sold by Mr. Brian Horrocks of Horrocks Fire & Rescue.  (888) 221-3473 or sales@horrocksfire.com

Thank you to Past President Joe Coogan for giving 911Leasing.com the opportunity to be of service to the fire company and to the community they serve.

911Leasing.com attended the Housing of Jefferson Fire Company new Rosenbauer.  Thanks for a great day.



West Side Maryland Puchases New Pierce F-550 Mini

Monday, February 18, 2013  West Side Volunteer Fire Department gets delivery of their new F-550 Pierce Mini Pumper.  Unit was sold by Atlantic Emergency Solutions

Thank you to the members of West Side.  This is our third unit financed for West Side VFD.  911Leasing.com is proud to continue to be of service to you and the communities you serve.

www.911Leasing.com, Financing for Fire, Municipalities, School Districts and Police Departments...How can we help you.



Kimberton Fire Company Purchases Peterbuilt Chassis for New Tanker

Friday, February 1, 2013  Kimberton Fire Company, Chester County, PA.  Kimberton has purchases an New Peterbuilt Chassis for a new tanker.

Thank you to the fire company for giving 911Leasing.com the opportunity to be of service.  Check back for Delivery Pictures.

Questions or Quotes Please Call 800-214-4606



Middleborough Volunteer Fire Company Purchases New MedteK

Wednesday, January 30, 2013  Middleborough Volunteer Fire Company purchased a new MedTek Ultra Medic Sold by Mr. Bob Rosensteel from Atlantic Emergency Solutions.

We would like to thank Mr. John Henderson; President, Middleborough VFC, the Board and the Members of the fire company for permitting 911Leasing.com to be of service and provide financing for your new Ambulance.

Contact Dick Cray from 911Leasing.com for financing in Central & Western Maryland.  Reach Dick at RCray@911Leasing.com or 717-982-7332 Cell.

Check back soon for delivery pictures.



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